How to be Happy

As you may have noticed, this article has a pretty grandiose title.  So, if you’ve begun reading it with more suspicion than intrigue, I not only understand- I applaud you.  This is because, if you are a person who is honest with yourself, you understand that the secret to happiness is complicated, elusive, and downright… Continue reading How to be Happy

A Discussion in Epistemology

This one was hard to write.  As a result, it will likely be even harder to read.  You will undoubtedly furrow your brow.  You will most assuredly re-read a paragraph or two.  You may quit.  You may cry.  And all of this would be understandable, cherished reader.  As your trusted guide through the realm of… Continue reading A Discussion in Epistemology

In Defense of St. Valentine

Last November, while running a human-subject psychological experiment, I made the unintentional discovery that Valentine’s Day tends to be peoples’ least favorite holiday.  The experiment involved participants filling out a questionnaire that included what experimental psychologists call ‘dummy questions’ (questions that distract from the real purpose of the study).  One such question was an essay-style… Continue reading In Defense of St. Valentine

The Tree of Knowledge is Fruitless

If you’ve read the introduction to this blog then you must have some idea of what you’re in for here.  This means that for whatever reason, you’re interested.  And in philosophy, no less!  For that, I am glad.  So glad, in fact, that I’ll herein attempt to foster an inward appreciation for your newest interest… Continue reading The Tree of Knowledge is Fruitless

An Open Letter to My Readers:

Let’s begin with a bit of brash honesty: This blog you’ve graciously begun to read is one written almost completely out of self-interest. The author (hello) mainly intends to hone his writing skills and create something worth stapling to a resume.  However, this won’t be an entirely one-sided affair.  Consider this: when a manufacturer is… Continue reading An Open Letter to My Readers: